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Six Sigma Certification: 5 Benefits of a Six Sigma Certification in India

With the world changing rapidly due to the pandemic, the focus for businesses around the world is now shifting to process improvements, removing defects, and meeting strategic goals. This is why the move to Six Sigma, a set of methodologies that promotes quality and reduces defects, is essential. Since it was first adopted by Motorola in 1986 and popularized by General Electric in the 1990s, Six Sigma has been widely used by industries across the globe to achieve their missions.

The Six Sigma course has three levels, the Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt. A Six Sigma certification gives you a competitive edge as it improves your business acumen, accentuates your analytical skills and helps you develop key strategies. A certified professional who understands the Six Sigma principles can help their organizations reduce costs, improve quality and increase their revenue. Here are a few benefits of opting for a Six Sigma online training and certification during this lockdown.

5 Six Sigma Certification Benefits

Learn to Streamline Business Processes



Once you learn Six Sigma methodologies, you will be able to implement better processes and enhance the quality of the product or service. By implementing the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control) approach, you can manage projects efficiently and be an asset for your organization. Some of the key roles that could benefit from a Six Sigma certification include team leaders, project managers, supervisors, business analysts and QA (Quality Assurance) managers.

Resolve Issues and Defects

Quality control is a significant aspect of Six Sigma training. You can help the organization apply rigorous quality control standards to evaluate products and services and reduce process errors. The defect reduction not only minimizes waste but also helps in increasing profits and lower the cost of production significantly. Additionally, certified Six Sigma professionals can effectively address customer complaints, reduce resolution time and avoid cost overruns.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Improved processes and quality control, in turn, leads to increased customer satisfaction. This means customer retention, brand loyalty and good word-of-mouth promotion. This is especially vital for service industries such as healthcare, IT and hospitality which need customer satisfaction to achieve business objectives. 

Improve Professional Skills

Six Sigma is a highly sought-after certification by employers not just in India but around the globe. Six Sigma professionals can work as change agents in their organization, increasing productivity, managing everyday challenges and handling large projects with ease. 

Become a Business Leader

While Six Sigma was initially created and perfected for the manufacturing industry, it can be used in a wide range of today for process improvement. This is what makes it a crucial skill for managers at all levels with an appetite for leading business improvement. Six Sigma training can boost managerial and leadership skills by training managers in leadership skills such as time management and decision-making.

Six Sigma online training and certification can be the perfect way to enhance your skills during this lockdown and move up the corporate ladder. Not only will it help improve your company’s bottom line but also give you a leg up in your career.

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