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Why Mathematics Majors will Have Better Careers in 2019

A common and potentially damaging misconception about mathematics is that the subject has no use in practical life. Some individuals use their limited understanding of math to pass an exam or a quiz while others claim it is their ticket to a work appraisal. The aforementioned arguments are ineffective and far removed from reality. The truth is, math is the cornerstone of inclusivity, progress, and justice. Albeit unconsciously, we understand, interpret and appreciate the world around us in geometric terms.

Recently, a study conducted by Stanford University claimed that children who learn maths have more grey matter than children who don’t. This is primarily because the brain region involved in solving math sums is also involved in cognitive functions such as decision making and processing information. This study has surprisingly garnered immense support in a short span of time.At this juncture, it is imperative to understand why we should give mathematics the respect and attention it truly deserves and how the subject can open up new avenues for you in the academic and professional front.

Gravity Field: Generalisation of concepts of real analysis like continuous functions can help us understand topological spaces like gravity (or the lack of it) more efficiently.

Stock Trading: Real analysis can be used to interpret stock exchanges and make the process of stock trading automated. Clearly, mathematics is an important tool for analyzing the world around us and shaping our perspective on issues that affect us, our families, our peers at work, and individuals the world over. There are several ways in which math helps us navigate life.

Telling The Time: A basic knowledge of math can come in handy when one has to calculate how many hours are left for their work meeting to begin or how many extra minutes they can snooze for before they’ve to climb out of bed.

Cooking: Recipes are nothing but mathematical equations. One needs to follow them step-by-step to get them right. Measuring ingredients, converting temperatures from Fahrenheit to Celsius or calculating the cooking time are impossible undertakings if you do not have a mathematical bent of mind.

Traveling: Math is one’s most reliable travel partner. From calculating toll fees and fuel usage to reading road signs and maps, traveling can be difficult if you’re not proficient in math.

Opening Doors for Future Tech Leaders

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To develop the algorithm for a self-driven car, an engineer may need more than just coding skills. It is apparent that future tech leaders who are paving the path for robotic process automation in the workplace must have a strong mathematical background. To stay ahead in the age of automation, a candidate with an understanding of the industry must also possess sound statistical abilities. Technology has drastically changed where businesses see themselves five years down the line. In light of that, it is pivotal to spread mathematical literacy that goes far beyond arithmetic computation that is taught to us in schools.

Students sitting in colleges are the nation’s future providers. The intention behind offering hefty college grants and scholarships to students willing to learn how to apply advanced mathematics is simple: the present college students are our future tech leaders.

Rewarding Professional and Academic Careers

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The aforementioned instance highlights the significance of imparting theoretical knowledge of maths in schools and colleges for creating outstanding tech products that are recognised worldwide. Equipping the youth with basic programming skills can spur them to create products that blur the boundaries between maths, physics, and programming and subsequently lead the path for machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Investing in the theoretical education of mathematics may not yield immediate results, but bear in mind that all good things take time. A strong mathematical and logical foundation can help you adapt to the rapid advances in science and technology. General math courses like algebra, trigonometry, and data analysis equip students and future tech leaders with analytical skills that can help change the course of a nation, and by extension the world. This is why humanity needs mathematics, to further mankind’s interests.

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