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Working from Home during Coronavirus? Top Tips to Enhance Productivity and Skills 

The outbreak of coronavirus pandemic has hit the world hard, especially millions of office goers who are now stuck at working from home. Almost overnight, remote working has become the new norm. For those who are used to working from home, it may be business as usual. However, if this is your first time WFH, here are a few tips on how to work productively in the midst of howling kids and needy pets.

How to Make Working from Home Work

Establish a Morning Routine


Turning your home into an office is easier said than done. It is important to establish personal norms, for example, when will you work and what time will you start and stop working. By setting specific work hours and sticking to them, you will increase performance and develop a healthy work schedule.

Also, set up a designated area of the home for work. Your workspace could be an empty room and any other space that is quiet and allows you to concentrate on work. Invest in the right furniture such as a proper desk and an ergonomic chair so that you are comfortable.

Review Your Tasks and Priorities


A to-do list can help keep you organized and productive as you work remotely. This includes daily tasks as well as long-term goals. The better you plan your work, the more motivated and productive you will be. Have an online calendar with personal events and reminders that help you plan your tasks and avoid distractions.

Stay in Touch with your Colleagues


Working from home can seem isolating and unstructured. One way to avoid this is by communicating with your team and your boss regularly. While email can help in passing on information, chat apps such as Google Hangouts or Slack can foster collaboration.

For brainstorming or detailed discussions, it is best to talk face-to-face using video conferencing apps such as Zoom and CISCO Webex.

Avoid Distractions


Interesting web bookmarks and social media can be a big drain on your productive time, especially when there is no team and boss to pull you back. Distraction is a huge challenge for remote workers, especially when there are regular news updates about the pandemic. Instead of scrolling yourself into an anxious mess, switch off your phone, turn off the updates feature on your laptop and focus on the tasks. Schedule breaks as you would in the office to relax and maintain your concentration levels.

Take the Time to Upgrade Your Skills


With the increased amount of time at your disposal, it’s time to take advantage and level yourself up with online courses. Learning something new not only keeps you engaged but allows you to move forward in your career. The best part is that it keeps stress and anxiety at bay. 

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Tell us how you’ve been tackling the challenges of working from home and honing your skills at the same time.


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