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Understanding financial statements

Understanding financial statements

Providing an understanding of the financial statements, making business decisions based on study of financial statements

Created by Guru Prasad



The accounting and financial statements course will give you an overview of a business organization and describe the role accounting plays in managing them. The course will help in interpreting financial statements effectively and use them to make better business decisions. You’ll learn about the effect of common business transactions on financial statements, how to apply the double-entry system for processing transactions and the principles of measuring performance and the related mechanics. At the end of this course, you will know how to prepare financial statements.

Who can enroll

  • The programme will be of immense benefit to:

  • + Anyone interested in finance, accounts and learning numbers.

Learning Outcomes/By the end of the course

  • At the end of this course, you will be equipped with the following skillsets:
  • + Understand the purpose of financial statements (income statement, statement of financial position and cash flow statement)
  • + Interpret financial statements for decision-making purposes in businesses
  • + Decode the different branches of accounting
  • + Explore items typically included in each of the financial statements and their meaning

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Assesment policy
Type Weightage %
Assignment 50.0
ContentOnly 50.0

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