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Certificate in Cyber Crime Analysis

Certificate in Cyber Crime Analysis

An Introduction to the Cyber World and the Laws that Govern It

    Created by
  • 1. Gokul Narayan

Conducted By

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From the privacy of your personal data stored with Aadhar to your online booking of movie tickets. From your child’s Instagram posts to your Demat account. From the legality of drones to Uber tracking your movements … cyber law governs your entire world. The course aims to create awareness about legal rights and responsibilities in the emerging world order.

Who can enroll

  • Law students

  • Defence Lawyers and Prosecutors

  • Judges

  • Police Officers

  • Chartered accountants

  • Company Secretaries

  • IT Professionals

  • Military Personnel

  • Government Officials

Learning Outcomes/By the end of the course

  • Master advanced hacking concepts
  • Manage information security efficiently
  • Frame security strategies, and utilize them to analyze risks
  • Assess and troubleshoot issues to support organizational security
  • Design security architecture and framework for a secure IT operation

Video Lectures

  • Digital Evidence (Fundamentals)
  • Sources of Digital Evidence – 1 (Internet)
  • Sources of Digital Evidence – 2 (Network Traffic)
  • Sources of Digital Evidence – 3 (Operating Systems)
  • Sources of Digital Evidence – 4 (Files & Applications)
  • Sources of Digital Evidence – 5 (Smartphones, Bitcoin and IoT devices)
  • ISO standards relating to Digital Evidence
  • Digital Evidence – Best Practices and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Laws relating to Digital Evidence
  • ASCL Case Files
  • Internet and World Wide Web Basics
  • Cyber Crimes and Hack attacks
  • ASCL Case Files
  • Tools for Investigators
  • Email & Google Investigation
  • Browser Investigation
  • Log Analysis
  • Social Media Investigation
  • Cloud Investigation
  • Blockchain & Bitcoin Investigation
  • Information Technology Act & other relevant laws
  • Judicial, quasi-judicial & investigative framework
  • Relevant entities, terms & concepts
  • Penalties under Information technology Act
  • Offences under the Information technology Act
  • Understanding cyber crimes
  • Cyber Crime Prosecution & Defence
  • Cyber Crime Case Law
  • Global Cyber Crime Law – 1 (Antigua, Australia, Canada, EU, GCC)
  • Global Cyber Crime Law – 2 (Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, UK, USA)
Assesment policy
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Exam 100.0

Course Instructor

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